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Don't Get Discouraged, I'm Doing Enough Of That For All Of Us

I've been feeling kind of blue lately. Well, to be honest, any of us who are paying attention to what's happening in the world are probably feeling the same because sometimes it looks like we're circling the drain.

Then I remember some important things, like I have friends and fans who send jokes, ideas, videos, cartoons and memes. You send personal messages and support me on Patreon. You share my work with others. You tell me that my cartoons are helping you get through this. You order postcards to send to Moscow Mitch and Susan Collins. You buy ITMFA patches and trump paper dolls. You care about these things like I do.

You have no idea how helpful that is when I stare at a blank page in my sketch pad and think about the comparison between trump and Elijah Cummings. Or trump and a moldy orange. (It goes both ways.) It's enough to make my head explode. Then I think about you and I remember that MAGATS are the minority, most Americans are liberal, Millennials are awesome, and dogs are sweet.

Thank you, friends. Keep up the good fight.

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