Bigot-B-Gone Detects Racists, Misogynists, and More!

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OUT OF STOCK. Due to the pandemic I am spending every extra minute sewing masks for the community. Please check back in the future as we get up and rolling again! Be well!

Need a little light-hearted relief during this administration? Don't we all?!

The Bigot-B-Gone! detects those prejudiced folk that might be around you without you even knowing! Want to be sure your date didn't vote for Trump? Need a way to smoke out your mother-in-law? Just want to have some fun at work or at the next party you attend? Be sure and take your Bigot-B-Gone!

Simply "scan" the person with your Bigot-B-Gone! and you will be amazed at its sensitivity as it will fire off a loud detector noise as it lights up. You can then steer clear of these deplorables and head for the nearest liberal in the room!

The Bigot-B-Gone! detects racists, homophobes, anti-Semites, misogynists, xenophones and more! It's AMAZING!

(Ok, really it's YOU making it amazing by pushing the button, but the bigot doesn't need to know that!)

Great fun for your next social event, for standing around the water cooler at work, the next board meeting or footbal game. Also makes a wonderful gift for your like-minded friends and family! Made by hand as greenly as possible using recycled cardboard, includes instruction booklet and teeny-tiny screwdriver for opening battery compartment (batteries not included).

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